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Broken Glass

October 14, 2008 Leave a comment

I broke my first Plum Hill wine glass today.  Bummer!  But I know it is one of many.  You see, we have no water supply and no dishwasher, so when we eat at the winery (which we do almost every Sunday evening and most Saturday evenings; come on by), I have to take the dishes home in a box.  When I was packing up the clean dishes, I almost dropped a plate and it hit a wine glass.  I have lots of pictures.  We ordered our LG acrylic counter top on Friday and they told us to take the plywood top off the counter, so I did that.  So we have open drawers and cupboards now.  RJ has been working on patching the bar top and adding the missing piece.  We got a quote of $975 to do that project and we spent about $100 on the black walnut and cherry and RJ is doing it himself.  Joyce painted the inside of the barn and took down all the shelves in the backroom.  Henry has been diligently taking out fences and spraying blackberries and he made grates for all the slots in the manure (soon to be grape must) separator.  I have started sanding the bar top to refinish it in a semi-gloss as opposed to glossy finish.  I ordered our POS system today.  Am very excited about that.  It will be my new toy.  Am in the process of ordering shirts with our logo.  Our opening is 46 days away. 

Progress and more progress

October 10, 2008 Leave a comment

I’ve been chewed out for not updating his regularly and too few pictures, so here it is.  The problem is that the work that is being done is hard to see in pictures and some of it is more demo than building.  Anyway…The plumbing and electrical are almost done.  We had our electrical inspection on Monday and they found 3 things, one which could be a big deal.  The funny one is we have to have a line within 15 feet of the building for a lighted sign.  We don’t have to have the sign, but we have to have the line.  Plumbing inspection is supposed to happen today.  We picked up light fixtures and looked at counter tops on Tuesday.  I love the Corian product in sage green and white but whew! expensive.  Hopefully, we can go with it since we don’t have that much counter to do.  Afterall, I saved alot of money redoing the cupboards myself.  Sheetrock is going up, so we should be able to paint next week.  Then you see some pictures.  Speaking of which, I have 17 pages done in the scrapbook.  RJ has been finishing up the bar, adding the end piece and patching the corner.  I get to sand and finish now.  I have also selected a Point of Sale (POS).  I know it is overkill for our size but it will help me keep track of inventory and speed up the ringing of sales.  Oh yeah, and how could I forget, we harvested this week.  A much smaller harvest than last year, but beautiful grapes, no mildew whatsoever.  Pictures below.