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I’m Too Old to Be Making Wine

October 30, 2010 Leave a comment

At least that’s what RJ said when he came in to the tasting room out of breath and sweating like a stuffed pig.  I had to answer the phone so he had calmed by the time I got back to him.  To start with it is all he can do to punch down and pumping over takes too long.  But that’s not the end of the story.  Over night the pinot gris started fermenting.  Being novices at this, we did not know that you shouldn’t 295 gallons in a 300 gallon tank because you need to leave more space for the volumn increase from fermination.  So wine was coming out the top.  RJ had to move the hoses over to the tanks (not an easy task by yourself) and pump some juice from one tank to the other.  He did realize the airlock was full and completely stuck, so no air could get into the tank to replace the wine.  The top of the tank imploded.  He removed the airlock and part of the tank popped back out halfway.  He completed his pumping and put the airlock on.  As he was putting the hoses back, the rest of the tank popped, scaring RJ so much he knocked over the propane heater denting the fixtures and spilling propane.  And that’s when I called 911.  🙂  Just kidding.  All is well.  But I almost forgot one more key learning: it is very important to make sure your suspenders are over the shoulder when you are punching down.  If not, when your abs contract, the pants fall down and get tangled up in the ladder.  Oh and by the way, one should always measure the height of the room that will be used for processing before ordering the punch down tool.  Ours is alittle long for the short ceiling, so punching down has to be done at an angle which required even more muscles, aka youth.

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You Gotta Laugh

October 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Sometimes you just have to laugh or you would scream.  I always give out 3 pieces of advice to newlyweds.  Don’t share 1) an office, 2) a computer, or 3) a tasting bar with your spouse.  I need to expand that to “winery”.  Today I come to work after 3 partial days off, ready to catch up on all t he admin. crap.  RJ has dominated the computer and office.  No worries, I have to open the tasting room anyway.  Oh, I need to make some calls, but the numbers are in the computer.  Well, I’ll wash glasses from our tasting event last night.  Only the counter I usually use for glasses is consumed by wine-making supplies.  I move a few of MY things and gain a quarter of the counter.  Got the glasses washed and a few gift shop items put away, still no computer.  I set up the ironing board to do my ironing and work on the gift shop.  Still no computer.  Oh and he’s complaining about stuff being everywhere and no place to put anything.  This is after he lost 2 pieces of paper I needed.  Finally, he releases the computer but as I’m racing to grap it before he changes his mind, I glance at my ironing board which is now covered in wine additives such as yeast and my glass rack that is not yet dry has been stacked to the ceiling.  What is a girl to do?