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Things seem slow.  My primary job is the paperwork and it is wearing on me.  I am on page 15 of the document; probably have another 15 to go, but every page requires research.  I wish it was done.  Even my cat, Sinatra (see above), is tired of the paperwork.  Time is slipping by and it takes along time for approval.  I printed off all the State and Federal forms; you would not believe how many there are.  RJ is making progress on the physical work.  He found someone to plow the field and cut the brush.  We have drawings for the tasting room.  I have procured 2 refrigerators and sold all the straw.  I found a scrap metal person.  So once we get all the approvals, thing should move fast.

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Our First Big Project

October 5, 2007 Leave a comment

Before 1

 We closed on the property on Sept. 14th and had a renter moving in at 9:00 a.m. on the 17th (it’s revenue, you know).  Anyway, it appeared that most of the fix-up work had been done except for the kitchen and fixtures in the bathroom.  Little did we know how dirty a kitchen could be.  It was a 50’s style kitchen complete with metal cabinets that at some point had been painted alternatively green and blue.  With alot of soap, Goo Gone (miracle worker), paint and more paint, and elbow grease (my elbows still hurt), we were able to get the kitchen into something we would live in (not!).  As for the bathroom, fixtures, etc., another story for a future blog.

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