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Travel Hint with Jewelry

February 24, 2012 Leave a comment

I remembered this the hard way.  Before packing your necklaces, make sure to hook them.  It will minimize the tangling.  Have a good trip!

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Creating A Winery for $35K, Part VII

February 12, 2012 Leave a comment

I can’t believe it’s been June since I’ve added an entry to the history of Plum Hill.  I left off with RJ and my trip to Washington D.C. where he said even though he swore he would never marry again, he could marry me.  The rest of the courtship was typical except for the traveling.  We both traveled on our jobs which made dating a little less frequent than in normal relationships, but we sure talked on the phone.  One time, RJ was stuck at the airport for 8 hours and I believe we spent 6 of those on the phone.  Another favorite travel story had to do with a trip I made to Boston.  On my way back to the airport, I had the cab driver stop by a lobster shop and bought 2 live lobsters.  It’s a little eerie carrying live lobsters on a plane.  As they warm up, they wiggle around.  The next day, I had RJ over for a lobster dinner with all the trimmings.  While I was cooking dinner (which doesn’t take long since a 1 pound lobster should only be cooked for 15 minutes), RJ was working on my roof.  What I didn’t know is the ladder had fallen down.  I told him to not be out too long because I wanted the dinner to be perfect and piping hot.  I was disturbed that he didn’t come in, yet he was yelling for me the whole time.  I finally went to check on him and realized, he had no way of getting down.  The dinner was a success and a lovely evening was had by both.

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