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We’re Open

January 19, 2009 1 comment

We have had customers almost everyday and were very busy this weekend.  Everyone who came bought wine and most bought gift shop items.  We have had great customers, enjoyable to talk with.  I even gave a tour or two of the facilities; not something I planned but it seemed to fit in.  Our Christmas 50% off sale was supposed to end on January 15th but I have not had time to put the stuff away so it goes on.  We do have lots of new things including Valentine’s gifts, some new “girlfriend” wine charms, wine aerators (a favorite item), mousse pie mixes, etc.  More glittery wine shirts will be here this week.  I’ve attached a picture of Ghost.  I think he likes it at the winery and on RJ’s couch.  Our biggest news is our upcoming GRAND OPENING scheduled for Feb. 13-15; Friday 11-8p, Sat. & Sun. 11-6p.  We have catering from Sundial Specialty Bakers, music by Ron Sabin and LG Burger, chocolates, buffalo tasting, goat cheese tasting, fun to be had by all.  Come join us.

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A New Year

January 9, 2009 Leave a comment

I’m sorry I haven’t updated the blog.  It’s not because of lack of activity that’s for sure.  I just seem to be bogged (or is it blogged 🙂 ) down with things.  We have been open since 2 days before Christmas and have had customers every day except one.  RJ and I have kept busy in between customers.  He modified the POS cart to get it away from bar, opening up more bar space.  He has also worked on a base for my display shelves as well as done alot of “finishing” things that didn’t get done before opening.  I have been inventorying things.  I have marked down ALL THE CHRISTMAS to half price.  This will end Jan. 16.  I have also brought out some Valentine’s things with more to follow hopefully today.  The gift shop is doing quite well.  I have even had to reorder some things which means I have picked product that sells.  I have been working on our Grand Opening.  It is scheduled for Feb. 13-15.  I have the catering and goodie bags figured out.  I’ve ordered the event glasses and have advertising in the works.  I also have musicians scheduled.  Decided not to go with the Pyschic; just too expensive.  It will be fun; put it on your calendar.