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Dairy Equipment

June 4, 2008 Leave a comment

I had no idea I would get the huge response to my listings on Craig’s List for the mini feeders and calf stalls (aka bins).  So far, I have sold 40 feeders and 12 bins with a commitment for 20 more bins and at least 8 more feeders.  This will go along way towards cleaning out one of the barns.  And along the way, we met a very nice couple, Scott and Summer, who make goat cheese and not the “goaty” kind.  We can’t wait to carry some in our tasting room.  No work on the winery as yet for the week, but I’ll show you pictures of the barn before and after soon.

Weekend Status and More Demo

June 2, 2008 1 comment

This weekend, I got the flower garden around the house cleaned and “framed” with bricks.  Also, planted a few annuals.  I need to put some bark dust around it, but the bucket was not on the tractor, so that will have to wait.  Demo Diva showed up on Saturday and took out the drywall in the bathroom (picture above) and patched and painted crown molding which RJ finished putting up after 3 days of swearing.  I cleaned the cabinets and shelves.  Most of the cabinets were reused from our renter’s house and no offense to them, but they were quite dirty with kitchen grease and dust.  I had to get them cleaned to move all the kitchen stuff into them before removing the doors and drawers.  I got one side of doors and drawers removed before petering out.  Before picture of kitchen is above.

I took pictures of more farm equipment to sell, etc.  I am posting the “Mini Feeders” and calf stalls on Craig’s list.  Wish me luck.  First picture is that of Mini Feeders.  We have lots.