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Lights and Labels

June 7, 2008 Leave a comment

I haven’t spent much time at the winery this week.  My house has been a mess.  I had the flu for a day (I think my body just needed a little extra sleep).  And I’ve done my regular errands.  But things still moved forward.  The most exciting thing is that all of our labels got approved by TTB; yeah!!!!  Somebody will have to explain to me how the three labels that were the same except for varietal ended up with three different formats in order to get approved.  Don’t get it.  Anyway, the labels are at the printers.  In three weeks or so, we will have wine to sell.  Details about our wine will be on our website, once we’re ready.  I am scheduled to have a wine table at Forest Grove’s 1st Wednesday in July.

The second thing that happened this week is the purchase and installation of the lights.  I really like them, but I’m not including pictures because the white walls dwarf the lights.  This won’t be the case once we have power and some more things in the room.

Lastly, a couple of friends have taken or are taking the server’s permit class online for us, so we will have some help for our opening, etc.  If you are a local friend reading this and want to get your permit and help out, let me know.

I’m back and…

May 26, 2008 Leave a comment

two steps forward; one step back.  I’m back from my trip to Eastern Oregon.  I spent a week in Milton-Freewater to help take care of my Mom and Dad since my Mom just had her 3rd hip replacement (in same hip).  In case, you want to know, she is doing very well and pretty much back to her old self as far as cheeriness goes.  (She went through agonizing pain for two months.)

Back to our little project.  While I was gone, things still moved forward.  On Thursday, we were given our OLCC Winery license…..YEAH!!!!  We’re a winery now!  Also, on Thursday and Friday, RJ and Al put up most of the molding in the tasting room.  It really sets everything off, but like the bar staining; it is just supposed to be there, so it is hard to remember what it was like without it.  Pictures are above.  Then the step back.  RJ had to struggle through my paper filing system (thank goodness for cellphones) to find paperwork for TTB so we could get our labels approved.  Unfortunately, all labels were denied.  We think it is because there is a disconnect between the Brand Name (Plum Hill Vineyards) and the producer (Kramer Vineyards).  We thought we had taken care of that with letters, dba documents, etc., but no luck.  Will have to work on that this week.

Painting and Tasting

April 30, 2008 Leave a comment

Two significant events occurred over the last few days.  We (Joyce, Joyce and me) painted the inside of the tasting room and it looks fantastic.  It was touch and go for awhile with the technique that we we using, but the end result is terrific.  On the fireplace wall, we painted a flat terra cotta that has a little glitter added to give it a granite appearance.  The glitter doesn’t show up much but I love the color.  I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of the terra cotta for accents and furniture in the future.  We painted the ceiling white (after mistaking a 5 gallon bucket of mud for paint (another story).  And then we painted the 3 walls a mustard color with a Tuscan technique.  The first day was a white base coat, easy.  The next day the Tuscan paint is applied with a 4-inch dry brush.  The paint consistency is between cottage cheese and tapioca pudding.  It is tough to get it on thick enough but not too thick so you end of with some different shades of color.  Somehow we got a look that was great.  Joyce H. was too chicken to try it so she did the trim and touch-ups (of which I required many).  Hope the picture does it justice.  We did end in the early evening and take a wine break (picture included).  Funny how the guys always ended an hour before we did.

Second event was our wine tasting.  We had the second round of tasting of our 2006 Pinot Noir, our first release.  We had Sally and Felix, Trudy and Keith, Marilyn and ourselves.  It was a very nice wine.  I have a whole page of descriptors I will use to create a tasting cheat but for now, how does “dark cherry, spicey, medium tannins, goes well with turkey, lamb and veal” sound?  The first picture in this post is our tasting.

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