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Another Saturday

June 8, 2008 Leave a comment

I have nothing to show you in pictures because our work was clean-up, etc., that doesn’t show because that is the way it is supposed to be, but we did get alot done.  With the help from our friends, Joyce and Henry, we got alot of things cleaned up.  We managed to fill an entire dump truck with trash and there is still more.  We also got some more yardwork done.  I mowed the lawns using the riding lawn mower.  May not sound like a big thing, but I haven’t ridden a riding lawn mower for 20+years.  Joyce did more pruning and spreading of bark dust.  It is looking good.  I started puttying the holes in the kitchen cabinet doors and drawers.  Got a dozen done before I realized how filthy they all were (somebody else’s dirt), so I decided to scrub every piece.  They are resting to dry and tomorrow, back to the wood putty.  At the end of our work day, we had wine and cheese as usual, but this time we got to try the goat cheese I mentioned in an earlier blog.  It is quite good.  Their website is  Worth a visit and a taste.  Remember we’ll be carrying their cheese in our tasting room.  Scott is helping to clean out our barn by buying things he can use for his goats.  I love reusability!

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Dairy Equipment

June 4, 2008 Leave a comment

I had no idea I would get the huge response to my listings on Craig’s List for the mini feeders and calf stalls (aka bins).  So far, I have sold 40 feeders and 12 bins with a commitment for 20 more bins and at least 8 more feeders.  This will go along way towards cleaning out one of the barns.  And along the way, we met a very nice couple, Scott and Summer, who make goat cheese and not the “goaty” kind.  We can’t wait to carry some in our tasting room.  No work on the winery as yet for the week, but I’ll show you pictures of the barn before and after soon.