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More Projects

August 26, 2010 1 comment

Just when you thought we couldn’t take on another project, RJ managed to get the barrel room ceiling and lights in (with help from his team and Rau Construction).  It is so light in there and so clean, it looks fabulous.  I on the other hand have been doing nothing but watching Oprah and eating bon bons.  At least that is what RJ tells everyone.  Seriously, my stuff is all in the background, ads, events, networking, etc.  But one thing that is visible is the changing we are making in the gift shop transitioning from Spring/Summer to Fall/Halloween.  Pictures of the gift shop soon.

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Date Night and More

August 26, 2010 Leave a comment

This is an old post that I found in my draft.  Since our next date night is around the corner, I thought I’d share pictures of last month’s.  For some reason, we had a number of “height-disadvantaged” women with husbands who made up for it.  It was too funny not to share.  Too bad we missed Sally and Matt; they would have fit right in.

Short Women with Tall Men

Even Max likes Date Night. 

Max and Terri

RJ’s been diligently working on our barrel room to get it ready for harvest this year.  Speaking of harvest, it looked like it was never going to happen.  The Oregon Wine Industry was held hostage by Mother Nature.  But the last few weeks of warm days and cool nights and mornings have helped.  Our harvest of the vineyard on Plum Hill Lane is tentatively scheduled for October 16, much later than past years.  Hope the birds don’t get the grapes before we do.  Below are pictures of the barrel room.

Barrels -- New and UsedPoly and Stainless Steel Tanks

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