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Diversified Job Responsibilities

This has been a weird last couple of weeks.  I can’t say I did new things that I haven’t done before since building and owning the winery but I just haven’t typically done them all in the space of two weeks.  My last blog ended with our search for ghosts; okay that was something new.  But that took me into working with a number of medium-sized groups at the winery (hospitality) and onto fulfilling a custom sewing order for napkins (that takes me back to my crafting days).  Over the weekend, I noticed how shabby, the backyard of the tasting room was getting.  The thyme ground cover, I so diligently hand-planted nine years ago could hardly be spotted.  RJ informed me that would be my job.  Great, the hottest day of the year so far (Tuesday), I would be sprawled on the ground, bad knee and all digging sans gloves to remove weeds and leave my precious ground cover (yard maintenance).  Next day, Wednesday, I took a break to meet my sewing lady friends to show off the quilt that I had finally finished after 15 years (another blog about that later), but back to yard work later that afternoon.  Two of my staff helped me this time and we made much better progress so I see a light at the end of the tunnel.  At the end of the afternoon, still in shorts and sleeveless, I attempted to sneak into the tasting room, but alas the new Tasting Room Associate had to introduce me as the owner.  I graciously and redly (embarrassed or sunburn, your call), apologized for my appearance.  They didn’t care and were happy to meet the owner.  I ended up staying for a half hour telling our story, etc.  They bought wine and promised to be back.  So some staff training and guest experience done.

Next day was met with a combination of plant buying (thank you Starkeys) and politics. Again nothing new. But Friday I spent visiting a new customer, hopefully potential partner.  If you’ve never been to A Kitchen at Middleground Farms in Wilsonville for either an event, a cooking class or their AirBnB, you have missed a real treat.  And, they are now serving our wines; even better!

This week has been pretty much more of the same so far with the special treat of sharing our wines with OutAza Blue who will be featuring our wines at their Wine Maker’s Dinner on May 20th.  More on that later.  For now, there are weeds to pull and wines to sell.  #Middlegroundfarms #Starkeys #Outazablue

Water Feature

May 14, 2008 Leave a comment

It has been a big couple of days for us.  The first significant event is the water feature is almost done.  It has been “rocked” and running for a couple of days and now there are some more rocks for decoration and the all important plants.  Yesterday, as we were admiring the fabulous work of Henry and Joyce, at separate times, both RJ and I said “it needs a concrete bench.”  Great minds think alike.  So, today we looked for one while running our errands.  There was a very elaborate one at Fred Meyers for $300, very nice, but alittle more than we wanted to spend.  None at any other place we went, but they could be special ordered.  On a whim, we went to a yard rock place that I remembered.  Since it was past 5 o’clock, we expected it to be closed but would take a look anyway.  They had two stone benches outside which were nice.  A very friendly salesman came by and told me he had one concrete bench left inside.  We went to look and I said, “we’ll take it.”  $65, what a deal.  So here are before, after and with bench pictures.  Cool, huh!