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October 30, 2009 Leave a comment

It is really hard for me to let go of the fall and Halloween gift items in the tasting room to make room for Christmas.  The fall and Halloween looked so good with out decor’.  Our friends from California just left this morning.  They were great; worked their tales off.  Susie and I moved out the stuff in the backroom and brought in bins (at least 6; lost count) of Christmas.  It is looking like the season, that is for sure.  Pat and RJ pressed off our Pinot (6 barrels) and then labeled and waxed 35 cases.  Not bad for 2 days work.  We’ll miss our friends, but they are visiting the first Grandson from their youngest son.  Enjoy!  Pictures are of the transition to Christmas.  It is not complete yet. 

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I’m Back

October 25, 2009 Leave a comment

Now that business has slowed down alittle bit (darn!), I feel like I am getting caught up.  I am getting a little help, too.  Darolyn, who works on Mondays, does whatever list of projects I leave for her.  Joyce also helps out on Tuesdays.  And starting next week, I will be getting a Marketing Intern, Paul from Pacific University.  He is very excited about helping us get the word out.   He may even do a video of us for UTube.  What a hoot!!!  We are still having good business on Saturdays, several groups yesterday.  We have one scheduled for today and did an event, so there is plenty of activity to keep us busy.  Our gift shop is overloaded with fall and Halloween that has to get put away starting next week to make room for the Christmas stuff.  So if you need some last minute decorations or gift items, stop by.  Oh and don’t forget the wine.  The Pinot Gris has been a big hit.  By the way, even though I’ve been lax at blogging, you can follow me on Facebook.  It is currently under my name but soon we will have a Facebook page for Plum Hill Vineyards.  The views are gorgeous right now.  Am I blabbering or what.  There is so much to catch up on.

rainbow 006

The above picture is a rainbow that appeared to the North of our Vineyard.  Unfortunately, it has started to fade as soon as we got the camera and glass ready.  Cool anyway!

harvest2009 008

The above is one of our many bins from this years harvest.  The fruit is so clean and abundant.

Enough for now.  Will get back to blogging soon!  Promise!!!