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Slow Week

July 18, 2008 Leave a comment

You haven’t heard from me much this week because I really haven’t been able to spend much time at the winery.  But things happen without me.  The rest of the concrete got poured so we now have steps to the front door.  RJ’s hand-carved sign in up in the front also and looks fantastic.  RJ also got the diesel tank filled but it has a link.  That is causing us some distress because we lose money with every drip.  RJ put fill dirt around the picnic table pads and walkway in the back.  We are supposed to get our cabinet hardware today.  Hopefully, they work and we can get the kitchen put back together.  That will take some time, however.  We also bought five more round glass tables for the back patio.  They were a very good price.  Just couldn’t resist.  Now we need 2 more picnic tables.  For pictures today, I am attaching before and afters of the kitchen to remind you (and me) how far we’ve come.

Progress that Pictures Don’t do Justice to

July 15, 2008 Leave a comment

So we achieved some things this week.  I have painted my final coat on the kitchen cabinets.  The hinges have been ordered (cross your fingers they work) and the hardware we got many months ago will work just fine and we have enough.  The 3-compartment sink or the bar arrived today.  It’s small but I like it.  Paul Lewis concrete poured the back area, 3 pads for picnic tables, the cover for the septic and the ramp.  He stamped every piece with the grape stamp and it looks fantastic.  You sure can’t see it in the pictures.  Joyce painted the built-in.  I love the terra cotta inside.  So pictures include the kitchen “parts”, Darolyn painting the kitchen, the built-in and the concrete.  It is really coming together.