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Window Glazing

May 10, 2008 Leave a comment

You have to have a good sense of humor when you take on a project of this magnitude.  I got a big laugh this morning at the winery when I saw what Mrs. H, aka Demo Diva, had left for me on the walls where the shower used to be: “Demo Diva 5/7/08”, I took a picture (above).  

We spent a full day at the winery today.  More cleaning up and burning, plus I worked on windows of the chicken coup; got the broken ones all replaced and glazed plus cleaned the paint off the others and patched the glazing.  After about 30 windows, I found a technique that really works.  It’s all in the angle of the putty knife and it helps to have good glazing compound not the dried up stuff we were using this weekend.  Still won’t take this on as a new career though.  Third picture is me glazing.  Yes, that is the same shirt you see in other pictures.  I have 2 “farm” outfits and I just rotate them through laundry and word days.  They’ll be ready for trash when this is over!

The first picture is RJ caring for his baby grape vines.  They are doing well.  We’ve lost very few.

Work Party Weekend

Boy, do I hurt after this weekend.  We had a work party on both Saturday and Sunday, not to mention the preparation on Friday.  I am so THANKFUL for the wonderful friends we have and we could not have done without them.  I’m not sure what motivates them to help us out so much, but we sure are glad they do.  Thanks to (at the risk of missing someone) Henry & Joyce (they live at the winery; lol), Don (sore hips and sore knees) & Laurie, Judy & Larry, Joyce and Jerry (okay he came to do the grilling), Toby and Mona (hurt back and all), Al, Loretta & Casey, Tom & Kathi, Diane, Charlene (my scrapbooker), Michael, Darolyn & Phil (he came for lunch) and Dave (stopped by to luck at the scrap logs).  We put up gates, tore down wallpaper, worked on flower beds, cleaned up stuff, burned stuff, got rid of blackberries, hung up birdhouses, tore out the bathroom, repaired the roofs, glazed windows, replaced door knobs, painted outdoor furniture, removed wallpaper, sanded and painted the baseboards, etc.  What a full weekend.  I tried to keep the troupes fed, but why do I have so many leftovers.  Anyway, here are a few pictures of us working hard and not working so hard.