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Another Saturday

June 8, 2008 Leave a comment

I have nothing to show you in pictures because our work was clean-up, etc., that doesn’t show because that is the way it is supposed to be, but we did get alot done.  With the help from our friends, Joyce and Henry, we got alot of things cleaned up.  We managed to fill an entire dump truck with trash and there is still more.  We also got some more yardwork done.  I mowed the lawns using the riding lawn mower.  May not sound like a big thing, but I haven’t ridden a riding lawn mower for 20+years.  Joyce did more pruning and spreading of bark dust.  It is looking good.  I started puttying the holes in the kitchen cabinet doors and drawers.  Got a dozen done before I realized how filthy they all were (somebody else’s dirt), so I decided to scrub every piece.  They are resting to dry and tomorrow, back to the wood putty.  At the end of our work day, we had wine and cheese as usual, but this time we got to try the goat cheese I mentioned in an earlier blog.  It is quite good.  Their website is  Worth a visit and a taste.  Remember we’ll be carrying their cheese in our tasting room.  Scott is helping to clean out our barn by buying things he can use for his goats.  I love reusability!

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Demo Divas

May 8, 2008 1 comment

So yesterday, RJ and I decided to spend the whole day at the winery working on projects.  Of course, Joyce D. was there working on the front yard.  Henry and Joyce are there working more than we are.  We need to give them part ownership in the business.  We took out the broken dishwasher and loaded it and the other dead appliances on the truck for Forest Grove’s Spring Clean-up on Saturday.  We also tore out a door frame to open up the hallway and then tackled the utility room.  Took out part of the wall, the cabinets and the shower.  Joyce H. joined us for that demo work.  I also worked on patching the kitchen wall.  So the pictures today are the Demo Divas, Joyce and I.  By the way, demo is hard work, uses muscles that don’t get used much, but it is very rewarding because of instant satisfaction.

One other piece of news:  Sometime between Monday evening and Tuesday morning, someone took down the plastic protecting our new floors in the tasting room and walked on the floor.  Who would ever do that?  We think the shoe prints are just dust, but we won’t know for sure until this weekend when we try to clean it.  We are now locking the building doors and changed the gate combination.

Snow and It’s Almost May

April 21, 2008 Leave a comment

Can you believe it?  It snowed on both Saturday and Sunday.  Friday, we pushed two flats of annuals to plant at the winery.  Good thing we have a green house up there to store plants until the weather warms up.  RJ spent the better part of Saturday at an auction trying to buy shop equipment for the winery.  It was all either too expensive or too run-down.  I was hoping he would get a pallet jack.  On Sunday, we spent the afternoon at the winery.  RJ was supposed to mow the lawns but by the time he got the mowers working and gassed up, it started snowing.  I taped off all the trim, windows, bar, doors, and fireplace mantel so he contractor could texture the walls and ceiling.  Hopefully, by the end of the week, I will have pictures of a clean tasting room, ready to paint and ready to decorate.

Dairy No More

November 19, 2007 Leave a comment

Tank Room 

Almost all the dairy equipment is gone.  We sold the tank and got fair market value for it.  Unfortunately, there was a lot of damage to the wall and window, getting it out.  Not sure what we’ll do to repair it, but it is unsitely for sure.  On a positive not, the tank buyer had a contact who was interested in the loop stalls.  Not only did he remove them all (in one day), he also paid us for them.  Yeah! $$$  So what have I been doing?  I submitted the county paperwork a week ago.  Last week, I followed up with the Water Master and USDA.  This week, I start on the Federal applications.  More forms and paperwork, goody.

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From Dairy to Winery

September 26, 2007 2 comments

I am creating this blog to share with the world the transition of an old Dairy Farm to an Winery and Vineyard.  This is very exciting for us but has not been without trauma.  Our realtor, Diane (who has been great by-the-way) said it it is like a breach birth.  Don’t know; haven’t done one but none-the-less, we are there now. 

My husband, RJ, and I have purchased 32.5 acres of property in Gaston and are planning on putting a winery, vineyard and tasting room on it (Our Dream).  The property is currently a decommissioned dairy farm and has a number of out buildings and two houses.  (Do you know anybody who would like to buy some used dairy equipment?)  Anyway, it is crucial that we get this property and associated buildings in working order so we can open the winery as quickly as possible.  RJ and I have been consumed by this purchase.  If it is not all the paperwork, meetings and phone calls, then it’s the physical effort to clean and renovate. 

One of the transitions for us (there are many) is that we have both been retired for some time.  In my retirement, I have created a craft business called Creative Clutter and host semi-annual bazaars as well as participate in a number of consignment sales and bazaar activities.  The bazaars and some of the consignment sales have been put on hold, but I still have product a Sophie’s Cottage in Hillsboro ( and do custom orders.

I am including some before pictures of the dairy farm and will continue to post specific pictures as things progress.

A few of the 11 Outbuildings we have  These are a few of the outbuildings on the property.  The front one is a chicken coup and will be used for tasting room supply storage.  The historical round barn is gorgeous but in really bad shape so not sure what we will do with it.  The white barn is the dairy parlor; may or may not use it for wine storage.

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