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Getting Closer

October 23, 2008 Leave a comment

I can’t believe it’s been a week since I’ve updated the blog.  Last week we had very little (none) contractor activity so we did the things we could do.  I finished sanding the bar and stained the new piece.  I also bought tile for the rest of the flooring including the back room.  RJ has been working on repairs to the sink cupboards since the counter will be in next Tuesday (28th).  Joyce worked on painting the new pieces in the kitchen and sanding the backroom.  Henry cultivated the vineyard getting it ready for seeding between the rows.  Keep in mind I have also had to organize our church’s Octoberfest dinner coming up this Saturday, including a silent auction.  On Sunday, I got a surprise.  Some friend’s from California and their relatives in Corvallis were coming in a half hour.  I had them scheduled for next week.  So we did the tour thing and dinner on Sunday, and then I put the two friends from California to work on Monday.  Our biggest project was pulling up the carpet in the back room.  We found there was very old linoleum underneath.  That was very hard to get up.  Took us better part of the day.  Back room is ready to paint and almost ready to tile.  I have also been working with a bunch of publications on ads and press releases.  Joyce is helping me put together a mailing list.  Lastly, I negotiated with our POS vendor to get some funding.  It would be here in 2 weeks or so.  Today, we are scheduled for final inspections on electrical and plumbing.  Cross your fingers.  Pictures include kitchen cabinet work, pulling up carpet and flooring, bar and whateven else I feel like including. 🙂

Even When We’re Not There

June 11, 2008 Leave a comment

I’ve think you’ve gathered that even if we’re not at the winery, things are moving along.  Yesterday, RJ finished the last cabinet for under the bar in the tasting room.  That’s a BIG DEAL!  I’ve been working on getting us committed (not in the nut house, although that’s a consideration) and ready to do 1st Wednesday in Forest Grove.   See the link to the right.  Our labels are in process and should be ready on the 24th.  So in 7 days, we just have to get the wine delivered (and find a place to store it) and get it labeled.  Hopefully, our glasses will be here.  I’ve had a little bit of a diversion.  I’m trying to sell some of my craft supplies, collectibles and homemade items.  I sold some to AJ for her store, including furniture which I will never get around to refinish.  It was hard to let these pieces go, because I’ve had some dreams.  It’s kind of like “the end of an era” for me.  Also, gave away some supplies to somebody who could use them worse than me.  And I listed a few things (more to follow) on  (See pictures above.)  I figure a little revenue couldn’t hurt.  Speaking of “the end of an era”, RJ has listed his Bellanca airplane on several airplane sites.  That will be a tough one for both of us, but especially RJ.  I am sorry he has to do that, but it does make sense since he hasn’t flown it for years.  Today I will be working on cabinets all day.  RJ is going to attempt driving the dump truck to the dump.  Wish us both luck!