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First Post about 2016’s Campaign

November 9, 2017 Leave a comment

I’ve been wanting to write in my blog about the campaign since I started to run but there was just no time to do it and it probably would have been inappropriate. I tend to spill my guts more than what should be said on the “trail.”  But now that I’m no longer a candidate, I can be a little bit more open.  Keep in mind that I can’t share everything because it could be damaging to the party or future candidates and I am still a conservative at heart.

Let me start by telling you the second to the last thing that was said to me about my campaign.  (The last thing falls into the category of can’t be said.)  I was at a ladies event and a past acquaintance whom I had not seen for at least 5 years was there.  I thought she lived in Gaston, out of my District.  Towards the end of the evening my campaign came up and the fact I wasn’t running again.  She said, “I voted for you.  I thought you were a shoe-in.”  I was stunned for so many reasons.  So you see, even when you walk away, you get tugged back!

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