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I Am Sinatra and This is My Day

August 24, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s time to get up and get going.  My job is to scratch the top of the blanket and see if anyone stirs.  Then hopefully someone will make me a cave.  Usually, RJ does it because he gets up earliest.  I like the 3 pillow caves the best.   You see if RJ stacks 3 pillows and puts the blankets over the top, I can craw in without being smothered.  But since RJ is up, the cave will have to wait.  First, I go in the bathroom with RJ because he pets me while he is sitting on the toilet.  I go in circles around the toilet until I get distracted by the cupboard.  I am close to opening it by myself but not quite.  Which shelf of towels should I sit on?  Wait, he’s getting up.  I need to make my mad dash for the shower.  I go into the shower and layer on the shower bench.  RJ pets me there for a good 5 minutes or until the bench is covered with fur.  I am talking and purring the whole time.  The purring echos very loudly.  Oh, oh, he’s reaching for the water.  Out I go.  Back to the bed and into my cave.  This only lasts for a while because Juanita starts stirring; couldn’t be I am tickling her with my fur.  Out I pop like a hotdog out of bun.  Next, I have to give my bear a massage, “in goes the good air, out goes the bad air.”  It’s alot easier to give resuscitation now that Juanita has moved the bear from the bed to the table.

In goes the good air; out goes the bad air.

Done with the bear, I move to my viewing location on top of the curtain valance.  Takes an act similar to the triple jump, from the floor, to the perch and then to the valance.  Not sure how Juanita knew to make a valance with a 3-inch wide trim for me to sit on, but it works and I thank her for it.  I sit here quite a while; is she ever getting up?  NO ONE can reach me including that big, white dog.

My favorite lookout spot.

It’s time for me to get down.  Question, do I take the casual, hip hop jump in reverse from how I got up there or do I take a dive and land on Juanita while she’s sleeping? Juanita, it is.

Phew, I’ve worked up an appetite.  Crunch, crunch, crunch.  Now for a little drink.  The cat water fountain is not good enough.  I want the fresh water from the tub.  I don’t care if it does cool off the bath water RJ ran for Juanita.  I want my water fresh.

What's Black Bart doing with my water?

What a staff meeting again?  What’s up with these human to cat discussions, something about peeing on the rug.  It wasn’t me, I swear.

Back to the bear for another massage.  Finally, Juanita is up.  On to the dresser so she can pet me, now to the laundry room so she can pet me.  Into the kitchen so she can pet me.  Another drink in the kitchen sink.  But wait, we’ve passed by the treat station.  Must get a treat; Temptations are the best and only treats as far as I’m concerned.  Even though Juanita gives me a pile at my usual station, I want some on the couch and a few more on the end table.  Don’t forget to pet me between stations.

Oh man, I almost missed the pipe cleaner on the floor.  It is my favorite toy.  I found a stash of them in Juanita’s craft room, all colors.  Juanita’s Mom, otherwise known as Grandma, brought me my own package.  She gives me treats, too.  I think I like her.  I didn’t mean to bite her while she was petting me, but she quit before I was ready.  She seems to favor the big white dog anyway; at least she brings him SPECIAL treats.  How about a little cat nip for me; I’m just saying.

I think it is time for my nap.  Look what I found in Juanita’s craft room.

Pole Dancing is Next

See you in a few hours.  When you look this cute, you need plenty of beauty sleep.

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