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Garage Doors and Views

July 3, 2008 Leave a comment

Because of our lastest issue with Washington County, I went ahead and ordered garage doors for the dairy parlor “garage”, soon to be winery.  We got a great deal on the doors and they were installed within two days by TF Draper Doors.  They sure make that building look more finished.  We also had a conference call with DEQ and DOA regarding permits for the manure separator and lagoon.  We can’t get a permit from DEQ for using the lagoon for processing grape waste until the open permit for dairy is closed out.  It can’t be closed out until the lagoon is certified to not have bacteria.  This may require pumping the 1.6M gallons of water out of the lagoon.  OH MY!  What I don’t understand is why I can pump the lagoon now with the manure bacteria (if it’s there), but the lagoon water has to be clear of bacteria later for me to pump it out.  In both cases, I am pumping the water onto the field.  Someone, please explain this to me.  We had another wine pouring last night.  We sold another $300 which is good for the event we were at.  Most of the time, people just want to taste.  Our wines were a hit.  Only thing that would have made it better would have been if we had an OPEN date.  Oh, our highway signs are up, so we may be getting traffic, open or not.  I’ve included a “view” picture with this blog since it seems to be what people “ooh and ahh” over.

Labeling and First Sale

July 1, 2008 Leave a comment

This past weekend has been very hectic but exciting none-the-less.  On Saturday, we labeled our Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris.  At about 2:30, Scott Behrens from Wine Behren (see link) called and asked if we could do a pouring at his wine shop.  So we finished our labeling, changed clothes, and off we went to our first pouring.  We sold about two cases that night which is pretty good.  On Sunday, we labeled the Chardonnay and Rose before helping Trudy celebrate her birthday.  We learned alot about wine labels and labeling.  First, make sure the label fits the bottle.  This is very difficult when you go through as many iterations as we did.  Our Pinot Gris labels should really be about 1/2″ shorter.  But rather than pay for new die cuts, we will get different bottles, the longer neck ones.  We also became one with our new labeling machine.  I am happy with it.  RJ became an expert wax dipper, however, he learned to make sure there is no moisture on the neck, including wine that may have leaked out, or you get spatters, etc.  Everyone asks why we did wax.  While it looks great, it is expensive and time-consuming.  Well, we bought leftover bottles from our colleagues at Kramers and Thistle, so the neck sizes are all different.  Therefore, it would be hard to match foil sizes.  We also learned that you can’t always find wax that matches.  Our lightened burgundy wax just did not look good on the Rose’, so we went with foil on that bottle.  Above are pictures of our labeling, final product and first pouring.  Don’t forget to check our Scott’s website.  He will be carrying all our wines.