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Kitchen Before and After

August 1, 2008 Leave a comment

Now this is a reveal!  We got the cabinet doors and hardware on yesterday.  What a difference.  Of course, we haven’t painted the kitchen yet; that will really change it.  And also counter tops.  I do have to do alittle touch up paint, so don’t look too close.

Glasses and Kitchen Cabinets

June 18, 2008 Leave a comment

We took a couple of days of R&R this weekend.  We went with Henry and Joyce to Bonneville Hot Springs, doing a little wine tasting on the way.  We left Sunday morning with our first stop in The Dalles for lunch at a great little bistro.  Then did some wine tasting at Erin Glen followed by more wine tasting at Hood River.  We had a good time and good wine at MOST of the wineries.  Guess which one we will remember the most, the one where our experience was not so pleasant (a marketing lesson for sure).  Next we went to the hotel, checked in and had wine and cheese on the deck of H&J’s room.  We went to dinner at the hotel and had a fabulous meal.  We got excellent treatment from the staff.  Would definately go there again.  Monday morning, we all had spa treatments before heading for lunch at the Big River Grill in Stevenson.  A great meal as usual.  But now we are back to reality and working on the winery.  We got our glasses today and are very pleased with how they turned out.  Pictures above.  I also wanted to include a picture of the kitchen cabinet door to show you how it is coming.  Thank you Joyce for working on the crown molding and mantel, getting that “trimmed out.”  We also met a fun couple who is making tables and chairs from barrel staves.  Although RJ was planning on making two tables for the tasting room from barrels, we are running out of time and want to help these folks out, so we are contracting with them for three tables, 2 short for in front of the picture windows and 1 tall for  bar table.  We will also be carrying their furniture in our tasting room on consignment.