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New? Truck

September 12, 2009 Leave a comment

Things have been busy at the vineyard this month and at the winery. The “boys” have been whacking the weeds and putting out rock along the back sidewalk. However, the biggest event is the purchase of a vineyard truck. RJ found it parked along Highway 47. It’s a 1974 ford F350 stake side, flat bed truck. The front tires were bald, the driver side window will not roll down, the heater will not shut off, the windshield is cracked, the right side mirror is half of what it was in a former life, the wood floor of the flat bed is rotten, the lift gate kind of works with some manual help, moss is growing on the hood, there is a huge hole in the seat and the antenna is bent but it starts and runs. RJ , the silly kid, thinks he got a great deal and is starting the restoration project.Flat bed Truck 006Flat bed Truck 018Flat bed Truck 029

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