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March Date Night and St. Patrick’s Day Gifts

February 24, 2011 Leave a comment

The menu from Reedville Catering for March date night on the 11th is an Irish Theme (big surprise), complete with corned beef, mashed potatoes, salad and apple cake; all for $11.  In case you missed last month, this is a sit-down dinner.  Seating is limited to 40 and we sold out fast last month.  Entertainment will be provided by Ron Sabin.  The dinner is optional; you can always come for our regular snacks and listen to music.  Starts at 5 and goes at least until 8.  Also coming up next month is our Ladies’ Night, on March 17th from 5-8.   Snacks and wine tasting is complimentary.  Theron will be here with his massage chair for $1 per minute.  There will also be discounts on the gift shop and a shamrock game.  Speaking of gift shop, here is a smattering of some of the St. Pat’s gifts in our shop.

Some of the St. Pat's gifts in the Gift Shop

Starting next week, I plan to do a mult-part blog on “How to Start a Winery for $30K,” which will be a chronologue of how Plum Hill Vineyards got started.  I bet you’re drooling and can’t wait.

Hello World

February 17, 2011 Leave a comment

Sorry, I haven’t been keeping this up.  But I do keep my Facebook postings up to date.  Anyway, I’ll touch on our most exciting news.

Bottling:  Last week Friday, we bottled here at the winery for the first time.  We bottled our 2009 Patio Pinot (to be released in the Spring) and our non-vintage dessert wine, Red Velvet 351, a fortified wine made from Zinfandel.  Since we can’t call it port or use port anyway in our advertising, we named it 351, which is the country code for Portugal, clever, huh?

Date Night:  Our Date Night continues to be the popular event in the are and grows every time.  Last month (January), we had about 60 people.  In February, we offered a dinner option, catered by Reedville Catering for $11.  In addition, we had a new musician, Dan Adams.  We packed the house with between 80-100 people.  If you are interested in the dinner option, call in early.  It sold out and we turned down a dozen people.  Of course, the capacity limit will increase dramatically when it warms up and we can have it outside.

Gift Shop:  The gift shop continues to grow in popularity and sales, so RJ’s threats to get rid of it are landing on deaf ears.  This month we had a vast amount of Valentine’s gifts (what’s left is 50% off) and are now transitioning to St. Patrick’s Day and spring.  My new thing is small tea baskets with tea cups or mugs, tea, and little gifts all coordinated in a ready to take with you gift basket.  Cellophane and ribbon provided at no additional charge.  Baskets are a real value at $9-13.

Cocoa Set with BuffaloPink Strawberry Tea BasketYellow Tea Basket in Raffia HatGreen and Blue Tea Basket

Junior Wine Maker:  Our Granddaughter, son and son’s girlfriend came to visit last weekend to help with the bottling.  Our Granddaughter loved it.  She even did a little waxing of the bottles.

ASCAP:  On a less than positive note, ASCAP has been on the warpath requiring licenses for any venue that has live or recorded music.  This could kill music at the winery if we can’t negotiate a reasonable compromise.

Groups and Tours:  The groups and tours visiting our winery continues to grow after a dry spell this winter.  We had a great Lady’s Group in January.  This is their second visit with us and we always love to have them.  We’ve also had a couple of tour buses this week.

Going Green:  We continue to work at being more green.  It looks like we will be putting solar in to provide our electrical power.  That’s exciting!

Thanks to all of you for a great 2010 and looking forward to an even better 2011 and it is definitely starting out that way.