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But What About The Wines

May 15, 2014 Leave a comment

So today I met with whom I call my “business coach,” who is actually a Small Business Development center (SBDC) Advisor.  And as he most always does at the end of each session, he said, “I hoped I helped you today.”  Today, we covered alot of ground and he asked some good questions.  We concluded the obvious, we need to sell more wine to keep up with the inventory…duh!  And as the head of marketing, that is my responsibility, another…duh!  So I’m laying awake thinking about that when I came to an aha moment.  As much as I talk about our winery and how much fun it is, I don’t talk about our wines.  And we make great wine!!!  We have a variety of white wines, at least one for every pallet, two rose’ wines, a big red (syrah), a red dessert wine and oh yeah, several pinot noirs that would hold up to most.  But I must warn you about out pinots, they are traditional, aka, subtle and delicate,  If you’re looking for a big red, that’s why we make a syrah.  So yes. coach, you helped me.

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