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2010 Wine Trail Facts and Figures

April 13, 2010 3 comments

Our 2nd Annual Wine Trail is over and what an event it was!  The association sold over 3 times the tickets sold last year and had to scramble at the last minute for additional supplies.  At Plum Hill, we had nearly 3 times the traffic as last year which is really good since we had 50% again the number of wineries participating.  Saturday was absolutely swamped, while Sunday was much more calm and relaxed.  I thought I’d share what we did for food with you.  We paired bread, cheese and olives with each of the 3 wines we served.  Our pairings were as follows:

Wine Bread Cheese Olives

Pinot Gris


Roasted Garlic

Three Cheese


Blue Cheese

Aged Gruyere

Fig and Honey



Almond Stuffed


Pinot Noir


Rosemary Olive Oil

Jalapeno Bread


Jalapeno- Peperdew

No Woman


Cajun deep South

Smoked Flavored




Pumpkin Bread

Chula Bread





Sun dried Tomato Olives

Napa Valley Wine Olives

 We adjusted these the 2nd day as we learned more.  The breads were supplied by Perfection Bakery in Hillsboro, the cheeses from Costco and the olives from Corning Olive Pit in California.  Here are a couple of pictures, too.  Tell me what you think about the pairing.

Whew! What a Ride

April 8, 2009 Leave a comment

If you missed last weekend’s North Willamette Wine Trail, you missed a good time, great wines and great new friends.  We estimate that we had over 200 people, 95% or more whom had never been to our winery.  It was a great time and several people took advantage of the bottle dipping as well as the covered patio out back.  Attached are a couple of pictures taken by one of our guests on Sunday.  She even got Ghost jumping in the fish pond.

Spring on 47 Event

March 9, 2009 Leave a comment

We’ve made it through another event.  I wished I could say that we have a routine, but it seems every event is different.  While we didn’t have as many people as we would have liked, we were certainly busier than a typical weekend.  I have pictures of the event including our “dueling” guitars.  Yes, we had music again; Ron Sabin, LG Burger and Ron Hughes, all great musicians.  I have a picture of “Dancing with [our] stars.  Thanks to Henry and Joyce and Rita who helped out both days.  As for the giftshop.   It is still holding up it’s part of the bargain for sales.  I got a large shipment (previous blog) of wine merchandise and have some great buys on things, like picnic sets and wine stoppers.  Our next official event in North Willamette Vintners Wine Trail, April 3-4.  See the link for the website.