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Dr. Al Mozejko, Part I

February 26, 2015 Leave a comment

The past few weeks, we have lost two dear friends; Dr. Al Mozejko was one of them.  He died Sunday, Feb. 22nd.  As with the other, I did not get to say goodbye, so I am going to say goodbye in my blog with stories.  My first story about Al is appropriate for breakfast time since it is just after 7:00 a.m.  Al gave us this mixed grain hot cereal mix years ago.  It contained three what I considered obtuse grains.  He told me how to cook it and I’m sure in Al’s way, he told me several times.  It was actually very good and until I loaded it with sugar and/or honey pretty healthy as well.  Al was funny about fun.  I believe he had maybe three dishes in his repertoire yet, he always asked me for recipes and I most always gave them to him knowing full well he would never make them.  The last recipe I gave him was for Sweet and Spicy mixed nuts.  I made these for Thanksgiving, a holiday he was almost always invited to.  He loved them even when they were slightly burnt.  I sent the leftovers with him.  It took me six months or more to get the recipe to him but it is one of those hundreds of stacks of papers he has in his house ready to organize.

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