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Love, Hate, Part II

October 24, 2017 Leave a comment

So I left off with lots of grapes and nowhere to put them.  On Saturday, a very wet, cold and concerned crew processed all the Pinot noir they could until they ran out of  fermentation bins.  Later, that evening, RJ and I went to a charity event and I asked every farming or farming-related contact I knew if they had anything that resembled a fermentation bin.  I got a couple ideas but Sunday morning RJ contacted a nearby winery and they had 3 “old”, and I mean “old” fermentation 1-1/2 ton bins.  Between the sunny weather and the solution to his fermenting grape storage issue, RJ was a new man.  He was smiling, cracking jokes and several feet off the ground.  Alas, this wouldn’t last.  On Monday, he and Shannon were able to finish processing all the Pinot noir, rearrange all the bins and start making wine.  RJ was still flying high.  On Tuesday, they found out one of the old fermentation bins was leaking, so back to the winery where RJ bought them to see if them had more and then to pump the grapes and juice into the “new” old bin.  The stress is back.  Did I mention one of our harvest crew ended up spending two nights in the hospital starting Saturday with an undetermined GI issue.  Wednesday, we pick the whites.  More on that.

More Small Things

July 4, 2008 Leave a comment

We both worked at the winery today.  No one from Washington County has returned my calls, so I might as well sand and paint.  A few friends came up to give us some advice on how to proceed.  Anyway, RJ got the quarter round trip up at the bar and worked on the side of the bar.  He also tore out the bricks on the patio side, so the door could be enlarged.  He did alot of cleanup and he put a door up in the storage room.  I sanded and patched more kitchen cabinets.  I am really tired of sanding.  It gets in my eyes, nose and mouth, plus I am covered with it and it hurts my hands, but I am 2/3 done.  As a break from sanding, I helped move wood, etc.  We are trying to get the back room cleaned out to store wine and use as a project room.  The other picture above is our cubby with our wine and glass and the chalk board we had painted to update clients on our wines, etc.

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