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We’re Open Sorta

November 24, 2008 Leave a comment

We unofficially (long story, but can you say “county”) opened our doors last weekend and daily since.  What that means is that since we were there and the tasting room is done, we let people come in and taste.  Without bragging, I have to say, visitors really liked the place and were genuinely impressed.  Even Jerry was impressed.  We were very busy this past weekend and we reached my goal for sales amount.  Now, if we can reach our very stretch goal next weekend, we will be in the clover.  Another fun and exciting thing that happened is one of the families who had lived on the property and operated the dairy stopped by and brought us old pictures.  These will be in my scrapbook at some point.  I have been putting out product in the tasting room but have a lot to go so don’t mind the bare spots.  Here are some pictures of the tasting room, Jerry sampling the wine, the family who used to own the “farm” (name escapes me at this moment, but I fill that in), and Joyce and the most photograped fountain ever.

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Almost Done

November 18, 2008 Leave a comment



We are getting so close to having the tasting building done.  It is looking so great.  I don’t have alot of time to write a big story, but the pictures tell the story better anyway.  Our friends from California had a rock engraved for us.  It is beautiful and goes so nicely wth the fountain.  I am starting to put product out but have alot left to do and it takes alot of time to log it in the inventory.  RJ has been doing alot of finishing work with the doors, etc.  While we are not open officially, we let visitors come in and taste and we have made a few sales.  Enjoy the pictures.

Health Update

November 11, 2008 Leave a comment

I’ve been informed that many of you are using the blog as a way to keep up with us in general ways, not just the winery.  So I want to give you an update on RJ’s health (and mine, too).  RJ went in for an angiogram Wednesday afternoon.  He had one completely blocked artery and one partial.  The Dr. put a stent in the blocked artery.  RJ is to have annual stress tests to monitor the other one.  He spent the night in the hospital so did not get much rest (still can’t figure that one out…why they wake you up so often in the hospital).  So he slept all day on Thursday and took it easy on Friday and Saturday, but back hard at it on Sunday.  He made a cart for my POS system.  It is really neat, but huge.  Not to be outdone by RJ, I spent a couple of hours in Urgent Care yesterday.  I tried to cut my finger off with a wine glass while tagging it.  I had 3 stitches and a tetanus shot.  The shot sight hurts worse than the cut.  As for the winery, the floor is all in the tasting room has been cleaned (an on-going process) and I have begun tagging and inventorying merchandise.

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More Painting

November 5, 2008 Leave a comment

Just a quick update to show you a few more pictures of the kitchen, tile and fountain.  Everything is looking great.  RJ installed the rope lights in the bar above the hanging glasses and placed some of the hand-blown glass items we have for sale.  The kitchen is nearly done.  Alittle more painting on the beadboard (it will all be sage green), some trim and some touch ups.  Joyce is doing this work.  I’ve included a before picture so you can compare the two.  The utility room is painting thanks to Kimberly.  She also painted the hallway iin the same yellow as the kitchen.  A little tile is laid in the hallway.  RJ tydied up the tasting room.

WOW, in one week.

November 4, 2008 Leave a comment

It’s been a busy week for us, lots of painting, wiring, cleaning, etc.  I have nearly finishing finishing the bar top and it is coming out great.  Lots of painting has been going on, thanks to Joyce, Joyce, (and their other sister, Darolyn) :), always wanted to say that, as well as Al, Kimberly and myself.  The two bathrooms are done, the kitchen is nearly done as is the utility room and nearly everything is primed.  By end of the day, I should be able to get you pictures of the kitchen.  For now, trust me, it is gorgeous!  And the bathroom with the wall paper I acquired at Goodwill looks very cool, too.  Picture attached.  RJ took some great pictures of our new wine fountain and the vineyard so I’m including those, too.  Our phone is up and working along with DSL.  Our POS will be installed on Thursday. 

As to RJ’s heart problems, as the Cardiologist put it, he “flunked” the stress test and so has significant blockage in one of the heart arteries.   So he has to be very careful and will have an angiogram on Wednesday with possible stints or worse depending on how bad the blockage(s) are.