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Worst Storm in 20, Maybe 50 Years

December 22, 2008 Leave a comment

I’m sure you’ve all seen it on the news or are experiencing it yourself, but thought I would throw in a few words and pictures of our storm.  I am really missing the winery.  I got kind of use to going there every day, opening, hoping for customers, improvising lunch with RJ,  and getting product priced and organized.  But even if we could make it (which we can’t at this point), there would be no point.  No one in the right mind would be wine tasting in weather like this (unless it was hot-spiced wine in front of a fire place).  Now we sit at home.  Fortunately, a winery neighbor is checking on the place to make sure it stays warm.  I am wrapping gifts, organizing things and doing a little sewing.  I made 17 catnip toys.  My sister said I must be bored.  Not really, I just have not sewed and crafted in so long (or is it “sew long” :)) that it was quite fun.  While organizing my craft book library, I found a number of unfinished crafts waiting to be finished.  So here are some pictures of our storm, beautiful, isn’t it.