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Ghosts and I’m Not Talking About Our Big White Dog

Okay the purists in the wine industry are going to barf when they read this blog because our “event” (which wasn’t actually an event but an activity) was as big a departure from the scope of wine as you can get but I thought it was great and even more interesting than I thought it would be.  To give credit where credit is due, this event was created as a result of one of the Washington County Museum’s After Dark events when some Paranormal Investigators came to the museum’s jail to discover any after life that may exist.  All that remained was the skeleton of a rat.  But this event included a drawing for 4 people to come out to Plum Hill Vineyards with the investigators to determine what afterlife may exist out at our winery.

And that’s what we did last night.  So the investigators set up infrared cameras in the “old” barn in several locations including the infamous “beer corner” where supposed paranormal activity had occurred.  These cameras will remain for several days until their batteries expire.  But the six of us (3 paranormals, myself, the museum staffer and his wife) also got to wonder around a couple of the buildings with highly sensitive equipment to discover lost souls.

It was an interesting process.  We were told to not wear any clothes that would rustle and make noise.  Also, as we were positioned to listen for souls, if we made a noice, we needed to announce it, so it wasn’t mistaken for a ghost noice.  I held the spectrometer.  Others held the video camera, timer, extremely sensitive recorders and regular camera.  We walked around and asked questions; things like, “Are you alone?  Do you like what we have done here?  Do we leave you enough leftover wine?  What wine do you prefer?”  We were told to wait 10-30 seconds for any type of response.  I can honestly say that I didn’t hear or see anything definitive but the tasting room refrigerator motor seemed to stay on longer than normal and the wind bursts in the big barn seemed excessive so who knows.

We still don’t know have the results of the cameras left in the barn or the analysis of the recorders so the verdict is still out but it was an awesome experience and even if this one event didn’t show any evidence of ghosts, we know for sure we have ONE and he’s a friendly one.


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