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Trenching, Ironing, Spraying, Designing, Oh My

A little bit of everything happening a the winery today.  RJ got up early today to pick up the trencher.  Trencher, you ask.  He’s raised the priority of the irrigation for the south field.  You see, we have signed a cost-sharing contract with USDA for earth-friendly irrigation.  The problem is we pay for everything up front and don’t get reimbursed until everything is complete, so we are out some cash.  Next on RJ’s list was a visit to our fabricator to redesign the bin dumper for what must be the 10th time.  Harvest is around the corner (if there is a harvest) and we still have some equipment issues.  Then RJ went to the Plum Hill Vineyard to spray.  Barely got on the tractor and it started to pour.  So much for that and with schedule conflicts for Friday, not sure when he will spray.  It was not supposed to rain.  Now, RJ is back in the field running the trencher. 

I have a month or more of ironing and mending to do.  I bring it to the winery since I spend more time here than home.  I also have winery tablecloths to iron.  I have been planning some marketing events including a Progressive Harvest event for next year.  See Facebook for more info. on that.  I am also trying to get the gift shop restocked; not an easy task.  And then those darn customers show up.  How dare they?  lol  Here’s a start at our Fall/Halloween display:

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