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What’s Been Happening

Even though you haven’t heard from me for some time, alot has been happening.  I’ll skip to now and not try to fill in.  As for renovation projects, RJ’s focus has been on his winery office.  We call it the Burger Drive-Through because of how it looks from the outside.  He still has clean-up, patching and painting left.  Don’t tell him, but I’ll be glad when we don’t have to share a computer and desk.  Plus, he’ll take some of his stuff out of my storage.  We ran into a big deal on office supplies.  A small business was shutting down because of retirement, so RJ filled the back of his truck with supplies for $5.00.  I have been working on marketing materials and event planning.  We have an event almost every month and have had some interest in booking weddings here.  It is exciting but scary at the same time.  Refer to our website for up-to-date event information.  I have also been cleaning out the gift shop and adding new Valentine’s gifts.  We have a great selection at great prices.  Pictures show RJ’s office and Valentine’s gift, plus Ghost and RJ taking a break.  Don’t forget to add us as a fan to Facebook.

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