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What a Way to End a Day

Poor RJ.  He had a rough day yesterday.  His one big goal was to get the concrete pads poured for the feet of our slab oak bench.  As a reminder, this bench came from one of the oak trees we had to cut down due to disease.  Our friend and glass blower, Dave Johnson (Ol’ Dave Johnson to us locals) took the log and milled it into a giant slab for a bench.  We still haven’t figured out where we are going to get the 16 men and 8 mules required to put it in place.  Back to my story….  Unfortunately, RJ had to cover for me in the tasting room for a couple of hours so he didn’t get to his concrete project until the end of the day.  First he had to dig out the dirt (keep in mind this is a dairy farm with all that is left behind (so to speak) and it has been raining, so the stench is quite bad.  Then he made the forms and leveled them very carefully.  Just as he finished the final smoothing, the skies opened up and down-poured, puddling his beautiful concrete.  About all he could do was rescue his tools while getting soaked.  But that’s not the end.  He had used the old (not to be confused with Ol’ as in Dave) Ford Tractor to haul the concrete and parked it at the end of the ramp in the backyard.  Just like last Friday when the tractor was parked across the main driveway, it decided not to start.  On Friday (and Saturday morning), RJ performed all sorts of automotive/tractor surgery (things I have no clue about; things like bypassing solenoids), before he just got a bigger hammer and whacked the starter a few times which worked.  Unfortunately, last night we couldn’t find a bigger enough hammer, so alas the tractor stayed out and the seat will be wet waiting for RJ to work his magic.

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