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New Week

Well, we didn’t have quite such a good week this week, but we did have customers everyday except Friday, mostly new customers but a few repeats.  It gave me a chance to get more Easter/Spring product as well as a couple of boxes inventoried and put out.  I have a new line of scriptural things, including saying stickers (great for cards), tea bag rests and magnet note pads.  Very cute stuff at good prices.  RJ has his share of “management” things this week.  The big barn is being reskinned, the cover over the patio has been started and we have some electrical work being done in the big barn.  Very exciting!  Some pictures attached.  Reminder about the North Willamette Wine Trail event April 4-5.  This is going to be a great event; something you don’t want to miss. 

Oh yeah, I also forgot, I had to do sleep studies (2) this week in the interst of saving our marriage.  RJ made me because “I’m tired all the time.”  I wonder why….um?  Anyway, I might have to use one of those PAP (CPAP or BiPap) machines.  Great, we can have dualling CPAP machines in the bedroom.  How romantic. 

AND I almost forgot the contest:  a free bottle of wine (your choice) to anyone who can determine with a reasonable amount of certainly why people drive up the driveway, all the way to the tasting room and turn around (not coming in).  It happened twice on Sunday.  Both open signs were on/out.  Both “wine tasting” sandwich boards were our.  This is killing me.  Good luck!!!!!

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