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A New Year

I’m sorry I haven’t updated the blog.  It’s not because of lack of activity that’s for sure.  I just seem to be bogged (or is it blogged 🙂 ) down with things.  We have been open since 2 days before Christmas and have had customers every day except one.  RJ and I have kept busy in between customers.  He modified the POS cart to get it away from bar, opening up more bar space.  He has also worked on a base for my display shelves as well as done alot of “finishing” things that didn’t get done before opening.  I have been inventorying things.  I have marked down ALL THE CHRISTMAS to half price.  This will end Jan. 16.  I have also brought out some Valentine’s things with more to follow hopefully today.  The gift shop is doing quite well.  I have even had to reorder some things which means I have picked product that sells.  I have been working on our Grand Opening.  It is scheduled for Feb. 13-15.  I have the catering and goodie bags figured out.  I’ve ordered the event glasses and have advertising in the works.  I also have musicians scheduled.  Decided not to go with the Pyschic; just too expensive.  It will be fun; put it on your calendar.

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