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We’re Open Sorta

We unofficially (long story, but can you say “county”) opened our doors last weekend and daily since.  What that means is that since we were there and the tasting room is done, we let people come in and taste.  Without bragging, I have to say, visitors really liked the place and were genuinely impressed.  Even Jerry was impressed.  We were very busy this past weekend and we reached my goal for sales amount.  Now, if we can reach our very stretch goal next weekend, we will be in the clover.  Another fun and exciting thing that happened is one of the families who had lived on the property and operated the dairy stopped by and brought us old pictures.  These will be in my scrapbook at some point.  I have been putting out product in the tasting room but have a lot to go so don’t mind the bare spots.  Here are some pictures of the tasting room, Jerry sampling the wine, the family who used to own the “farm” (name escapes me at this moment, but I fill that in), and Joyce and the most photograped fountain ever.

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