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Lights and Labels

I haven’t spent much time at the winery this week.  My house has been a mess.  I had the flu for a day (I think my body just needed a little extra sleep).  And I’ve done my regular errands.  But things still moved forward.  The most exciting thing is that all of our labels got approved by TTB; yeah!!!!  Somebody will have to explain to me how the three labels that were the same except for varietal ended up with three different formats in order to get approved.  Don’t get it.  Anyway, the labels are at the printers.  In three weeks or so, we will have wine to sell.  Details about our wine will be on our website, www.PlumHillWine.com once we’re ready.  I am scheduled to have a wine table at Forest Grove’s 1st Wednesday in July.

The second thing that happened this week is the purchase and installation of the lights.  I really like them, but I’m not including pictures because the white walls dwarf the lights.  This won’t be the case once we have power and some more things in the room.

Lastly, a couple of friends have taken or are taking the server’s permit class online for us, so we will have some help for our opening, etc.  If you are a local friend reading this and want to get your permit and help out, let me know.

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