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While we were in Australia, Antonio and his crew finished the posts and wires making the vineyard complete.  It is awesome infact.  They did a very good job of keeping everything straight.  We have “woolly” buds on the “sticks” we planted from our existing vineyard, so I assume there are some on these plants as well.  We have only been home from Australia for 3 days, but we’ve had to jump in with both feet on the vineyard and winery.  RJ bought a new sprayer to use of weed abatement at home and around the property.  The blackberries are cropping up fast.  I have been working on administrative stuff (what a surprise), like an OLCC test to prove I know the rules, cleaning up our plans so I can go for our permits, and regular dialogue with the county.  We have our Federal permit.  The OLCC has posted the liquor license sign and the county has begun their report so progress is steady.  I received the three comment letters from the neighbors that went to the county.  They are mean and “mean people suck.”  It really depressed me because we have tried very hard to be good neighbors and do all the right things.  But that is just emotion.  Most of their comments are not valid as we do not intend to use their road, pesticides or canons.  So there!!!  Oh yeah, one more thing, my dear and very generous friend, Charlene, came over yesterday to gather up pictures, memorabilia, and notes to begin our Dairy to Winery scrapbook.  I am so excited.  She is amazing with scrapping and cardmaking.  I can’t wait to see what she comes up with.

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